(Merlin in Moab) (Volume 1)

In this suspenseful and romantic epic, a sorcerer of legendary skill, courage and talent suddenly awakens at the height of his powers–in the 21st century. Half a world and uncounted generations away from King Arthur’s mythic Camelot, Merlin finds himself in love for the first time in his sixteen-centuries-long life. Living under an assumed name in the Southwest desert, Merlin receives a summons to fulfill his original goal of bringing back the Once and Future King, only to face a new threat bent on thwarting his mission; one that could endanger the entire world. Will Merlin manage to reassemble the Knights of the Round Table in time to protect humankind from supernatural forces of evil? A search for the answer will keep readers turning pages through Merlin’s ordeals, joys and discoveries as they follow this lively and profoundly spiritual adventure.