Some Info About Me

I’ve always loved to read, from the very moment that I learned how. I read many genres, including romantic fiction, murder mysteries and series about female private investigators, FBI agents and law enforcement officers—you know the ones I mean. But I am partial to science fiction and fantasy, and I absolutely love tales of magic and superheroes, of shapeshifters, werewolves, vampires and ghosts—any and all supernatural beings.

I never planned on being a writer, although many times I had an urge to write. But I couldn’t seem to write any more than a few paragraphs before I would give up. Perhaps because I wasn’t inspired enough to keep going.

Then, in early 2013, I had an epiphany. What in the world was I doing with my life, besides working, reading and watching TV?  I had just finished watching BBC’s five seasons of “Merlin,” and I decided then and there to write my own version of Merlin’s story. I started my new life right away, by booking a flight to England. And I started writing.
I took my trip to England in August of 2013, and by November I had finished my first novel: The Heart of Magic, Book 1 of the Merlin in Moab series. I barely slept during that time but truly didn’t need it; I was riding on a high of inspiration and adrenaline.

I am now semi-retired after thirty-odd years of full-time employment and I write as much as possible. I have weathered a few severe health “storms,” and those health challenges have, unfortunately, affected the length of time it takes to write, edit and self-publish my books. But I keep going, because writing is immensely fulfilling for me.
Currently, I swim and work out five days a week and hike as much as I can, which is not a hardship, as we have a beautiful aquatic center and gym, and the area is full of breathtaking hiking trails. I live in downtown Moab, so it’s only a ten-minute drive to Arches National Park! I love being able to drive out there whenever I desire.

I also enjoy researching my family tree, and I frequently travel to England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland; the birthplaces of most of my ancestors (I’ve actually named some of my characters after them). I can’t tell you how exciting it is to stand in an ancient castle and know that my ancestor built it, lived in it.