“The sun had just set behind a towering wall of rock…I glanced over my right shoulder and saw that sunlight still illuminated the red cliffs on the other side of the valley, and I sensed a latent power in the rocks, deep and strong and as old as time.” Merlin Ambrosius, The Heart of Magic

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Book 4, The Winds of Change, available soon!

I’m pleased to announce that the fourth book in the Merlin in Moab series, The Winds of Change, will be available on Amazon on November 18th! It took me longer than expected to write and edit this book, but a lot of life events happened during that time, which slowed down the process. I hope Book 5 (no name so far) will be available by 2025. We’ll see.
Back to The Winds of Change launch information! It will be available–on November 18th–in paperback and eBook formats. Plan to order on that date to help me get on a bestseller list! Just search (in “Books”) my name, Caryl Say, and the title, The Winds of Change, and it should pop right up along with the other three titles in the series. If you haven’t read any of them yet, why not order all four?

The Shape of Time

(Merlin in Moab) (Volume 3)

      Lost in time, his memory gone, Merlin unknowingly joins forces with his sworn enemy Beli. As they struggle to find their way back to present day Moab, dark forces are gathering in Arches National Park, and they can only be there for one reason: the destruction of Merlin and his family.

      Merlin’s wife Em, son Derek, and daughter Lumina are working frantically to find and bring Merlin back while trying to maintain  their cover. But a meddlesome detective with the Moab City Police Dept isn’t helping matters by snooping around The Moab Herbalist. And the sudden appearance of a Fae stranger seems to add another member to the team—or is he working for the other side?

      Will Merlin return to Moab in time to save his family and protect his hard-won cover story as a normal shopkeeper? And will an ancient adversary succeed in thwarting Merlin’s plans for building a new Camelot with King Arthur in his rightful place in the human realm?

      Surprisingly delicious plot twists, the addition of several captivating new characters, and a shocking conclusion make this third book in the series a must read for fans of fantasy fiction and the legends of Merlin and King Arthur.

God of Magic, Child of Light

(Merlin in Moab) (Volume 2)

Epic adventure, enthralling magic, and lusty romance entwine deliciously once again in this, the second volume of the Merlin in Moab series, the captivating saga of how Camelot’s legendary sorcerer–posing as an ordinary mortal in small-town Utah–resumes his modern fight against ancient evil in the dramatic landscape of the desert Southwest. Aiding Merlin in his quest are Lumina, the child prodigy born to him and his alluring 21st century wife, Emily, along with the sorcerer’s brash resurrected son, Derek; the brave reassembled Knights of the Round Table; and a cast of fascinating new characters–and relations. Each brings special powers and supernatural skills into intriguing play as they seek to vanquish a darkly formidable sixteen-centuries-old nemesis–and restore beneficent King Arthur and Queen Guinevere to their rightful place in the constellation of power.

The Heart of Magic

(Merlin in Moab) (Volume 1)

In this suspenseful and romantic epic, a sorcerer of legendary skill, courage and talent suddenly awakens at the height of his powers–in the 21st century. Half a world and uncounted generations away from King Arthur’s mythic Camelot, Merlin finds himself in love for the first time in his sixteen-centuries-long life. Living under an assumed name in the Southwest desert, Merlin receives a summons to fulfill his original goal of bringing back the Once and Future King, only to face a new threat bent on thwarting his mission; one that could endanger the entire world. Will Merlin manage to reassemble the Knights of the Round Table in time to protect humankind from supernatural forces of evil? A search for the answer will keep readers turning pages through Merlin’s ordeals, joys and discoveries as they follow this lively and profoundly spiritual adventure.