(Merlin in Moab) (Volume 3)

      Lost in time, his memory gone, Merlin unknowingly joins forces with his sworn enemy Beli. As they struggle to find their way back to present day Moab, dark forces are gathering in Arches National Park, and they can only be there for one reason: the destruction of Merlin and his family.

      Merlin’s wife Em, son Derek, and daughter Lumina are working frantically to find and bring Merlin back while trying to maintain  their cover. But a meddlesome detective with the Moab City Police Dept isn’t helping matters by snooping around The Moab Herbalist. And the sudden appearance of a Fae stranger seems to add another member to the team—or is he working for the other side?

      Will Merlin return to Moab in time to save his family and protect his hard-won cover story as a normal shopkeeper? And will an ancient adversary succeed in thwarting Merlin’s plans for building a new Camelot with King Arthur in his rightful place in the human realm?

      Surprisingly delicious plot twists, the addition of several captivating new characters, and a shocking conclusion make this third book in the series a must read for fans of fantasy fiction and the legends of Merlin and King Arthur.