(Merlin in Moab) (Volume 2)

Epic adventure, enthralling magic, and lusty romance entwine deliciously once again in this, the second volume of the Merlin in Moab series, the captivating saga of how Camelot’s legendary sorcerer–posing as an ordinary mortal in small-town Utah–resumes his modern fight against ancient evil in the dramatic landscape of the desert Southwest. Aiding Merlin in his quest are Lumina, the child prodigy born to him and his alluring 21st century wife, Emily, along with the sorcerer’s brash resurrected son, Derek; the brave reassembled Knights of the Round Table; and a cast of fascinating new characters–and relations. Each brings special powers and supernatural skills into intriguing play as they seek to vanquish a darkly formidable sixteen-centuries-old nemesis–and restore beneficent King Arthur and Queen Guinevere to their rightful place in the constellation of power.